High School Students

For more than 40 years — with support from people like you ­— we’ve nurtured roots of resilience in students and program participants; grounding them in cultural traditions and cultivating their skills to successfully take on tomorrow’s challenges. Our education, training, and employment services build accessible pathways to academic achievement and career success.

The challenges this year are unprecedented. Our students and clients are facing intensified stress as they navigate school, job searches, and occupational training amid the pandemic, civil unrest, and the renewed trauma of systemic racism. Against the backdrop of Minnesota’s worst-in-the nation racial disparities, this adversity can seem insurmountable.

In recent months, our high school teachers have started shopping and delivering groceries to students who rely on the school for food. Our career counselors are spending less time helping participants apply for jobs and more time helping them search for affordable housing. Simply put, the odds of succeeding diminish when basic needs are not being met, so we are doing everything it takes to help our students move forward.

As community leaders, we cannot ignore the interconnectedness of these challenges. Together with a solid educational foundation, AIOIC’s wraparound services fuel our students’ ability to close the skills gap, enter the workforce with confidence, and support thriving families. When you support AIOIC, you help us meet students’ basic needs so they can focus on taking steps out of poverty and toward a better future.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for these efforts by December 31st. Will you demonstrate your commitment to our mission by making a contribution today? During this time of need, your donation is an investment in the resilience of our students, clients, and community. It will make a difference.

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