This May, AIOIC hosted its annual Founder’s Day celebration. It was a chance for the community to get together, share a meal, and celebrate Minneapolis’s urban Indian community during American Indian Month. 

AIOIC dedicated time at the event to celebrate its 40th year of service, and honor those who built our organization. AIOIC’s Founder, Clyde Bellecourt, led a prayer and was honored with a traditional pendleton blanket. 

The blanket ceremony holds great significance in Native cultures as it shows respect for individuals who have greatly impacted their community. Wrapping someone in a blanket symbolizes wrapping them in the respect and admiration of their neighbors. AIOIC’s blanket for Clyde mirrored the organization’s color scheme, and was made to benefit the American Indian College Fund. 

Other activities at Founder’s Day included a drum circle, community feast, mural painting, career fair, and music.

Check out the gallery below to see photos from the day: