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2016 – 2017 School Year

The AIOIC Takoda Prep is a neighborhood-orientated, culturally responsive school intent on maintaining strong ties with the students, parents, and community members living within the area surrounding its campus. In order to enhance these relationships, we have designed the following Family Involvement Plan to better explain the expectations we hold for ourselves and for our students, to illustrate how families can become more helpful in providing assistance for their students at home, and to detail how families can become more involved with the overall operations of this neighborhood school.


Takoda Prep FIPThe AIOIC Takoda Prep is an Alternative Program under contract with the Minneapolis Public School District (MPS Special District #1). As such, it is our responsibility to provide the highest quality education for our students based upon the following criteria:

  1. Meeting and Exceeding State and Federal Content Standards for Grades 9 – 12
    These are the standards that the government has deemed necessary for students to understand within each subject area at the time of their graduation.
  2. Strong Academic Rigor
    This year we will be implementing Project Based Learning in addition to rolling up our sleeves and really “hitting the books”
  3. Providing Greater Individualized Attention
    Due to our small size, we push to have greater one-on-one time with each student in order to help them with their studies
  4. Emphasizing Access, Exposure To, and Understanding of the Traditional Practices, Beliefs, History, and Art of the Indigenous Nations of North America.
    Learning about our culture its roots and how it still thrives today within 21st Century America – through guest speakers, academic projects, and visits to Native owned and operated establishments throughout the Minnesota
  5. Access and Training in the Use of Technology and other Academic Resources
    Use of the latest computer technology; internet access; repeated trips to the Minneapolis Central Library, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Minnesota Historical Society


In terms of the expectations that we hold for our students, they include

Takoda Prep FIPExcellent Attendance 
Student success within our school is based in large part upon the ability for our instructors to work closely with each individual student during each class. If the student is not physically here, they will not be successful. Also, we believe in a rigorous approach to our studies, meaning that
we have new lessons that are to be tackled each day. If a student misses a multiple days in a row they will most certainly fall far behind the others quite quickly – thus creating an even more difficult challenge.

Excellent Work Ethic 
To compete and be successful in today’s economy, the adult worker will need to be well educated, be able to learn many different skill sets throughout their career, and be willing to put forth their best effort each and every day. By emphasizing this within our school we firmly believe that our students will – upon their graduation – be better prepared to find and hold a job or enter into a college of their choice.

Takoda Prep FIPWillingness to Make School a Priority 
We believe that earning one’s high school diploma is and should be a difficult challenge. Therefore, we encourage those enrolled within our school to no longer see themselves just as “kids” or “teenagers” – but rather as STUDENTS. We strongly value this classification and believe it to be equally as important as other titles within our society – such as Mayor, Fire Fighter, Police Officer, Nurse, Soldier, etc. By helping our students achieve a better understanding of their place within the community, we hope to foster greater involvement, better focus, and a deeper sense of pride regarding their studies

Greater Awareness of their Culture and Appreciation for Others
Takoda Prep High School has placed a premium on the inclusion of Native American traditions, cultural practices, and history within the overall curriculum of our school. In addition, we also encourage the personal exploration and understanding of every culture represented by our diverse student body. We firmly believe that it is of the utmost importance for students to clearly understand who they are and where their families have come from. By doing so, they will be successful in finding their own place within the world and be able to pass on their heritage to future generations

Positive Attitude
Again, we here at Takoda Prep High School believe that earning one’s high school diploma is and should be a difficult challenge. This does not mean however, that we can’t have fun along the way! By coming to school with a positive attitude students can help lift each other up and find ways to tackle the challenges before them together and with good hearts. By keeping an upbeat outlook, success always comes sooner than expected!


Make sure that your student is getting to school each and every day, and getting there on time.
Statistics have clearly shown that for parents who do not pay close attention to their student’s attendance there is a very high probability of that student skipping classes and being truant. If your student is not physically here at school, they cannot be successful – it’s that simple.

Please call on Takoda Prep High School whenever you would like to
Takoda Prep FIP
Our doors and phone lines are always open! Please feel free to check in with us whenever you want for whatever reason you wish. Maybe you want to check in on your student’s progress; maybe you have a question about the school day calendar; maybe you are interested in what is being taught; maybe you have questions about what other services are available to your student; etc., etc. Although we here at the Career Immersion High School are all working very hard and are constantly busy, we will always make time to connect with the parents/guardians of our students no matter what! So come on by or give us a call whenever you would like for whatever reason!

Talk with your students each day about what is happening in school
Ask questions of your student about what they learned, what they saw, or what they did during their day. This will help reinforce the lessons learned during the school day by allowing the students an opportunity to relate the information back to someone else using their own words.

Takoda Prep FIPBe sure to include your student within any discussions relating to your family and/or family history
Make sure that your student is involved in conversations regarding your family. By including them, you will deepen their understanding of your family’s origins and lineage, your family’s culture, and the traditional language of your people. You will also be helping your student find out what their own role within the family will be once they have graduated.

Make sure your student is getting enough rest each day
Due to our belief in “hitting the books” hard, regular school days at Takoda Prep High School can be very demanding for our students. It is incredibly important that students come to class well rested and ready to give it their all. As we always tell the students: What you get out of your education depends solely on what you are willing to put into it. Late nights, poor sleeping habits, etc., always serve to weigh down a student from performing at their best, and often times leads to poor attendance



Attend one of our open house feasts
Once every quarter, the Takoda Prep High School hosts an Open House as a way for students, parents/guardians, community members, and staff to get together and get to know each other better. At these gatherings, we discuss how each of their students are progressing, goals that have been set by the school in relation to its School Improvement Plan, how our Title I program functions, additional after-school services that are being offered, plans for future field trips, and an explanation of all our post-graduation opportunities for college and careers. Everyone is welcome, and there is always plenty of good food to go around! Hope to see you there!)

Take advantage of the open lines of communication that we maintain
Whether it is through personal visits, phone calls, e-mails, or the traditional mail, our staff strives to keep in contact with the parents and guardians of our students. We strongly encourage all parents/guardians to contact us whenever they wish to – for any reason! Takoda Prep High School maintains an open door policy with the families of those we serve as well as with the community that we are located within. Together, we can help each other achieve ever greater success.

Attend and participate within the planning meeting for our school
Improvement Plan (S.I.P. PLANNING MEETING)

fip-8Each and every year, Takoda Prep High School prepares an annual report that allows us to take a hard look at our overall performance as a school. Based upon the data and observations collected the previous year – and in consultation with our students, the families of our students, the Minneapolis School District, local community leaders, and our parent agency – we establish a new set of goals to be reached during the upcoming year and determine the best ways to go about doing so.

All of this is recorded within a formal document entitled The School Improvement Plan – or “S.I.P.” for short. Our S.I.P. meetings are held every year during the last week of August. If you are interested in attending or voicing your opinion regarding how the school functions – then by all means jump on board! All you have to do is contact us in one of the many ways that we have listed above and let us know that you are interested. If you would like to read this document, our S.I.P. is posted on our website: www.aioic.org)

Keep us informed and up-to-date on your current address and phone number
One of our main methods of communication with the families of our students is through the mail. Report Cards, Progress Reports, Probation Letters, Letters of Recognition, and notices about upcoming events are all sent out regularly through the post office.

Each student is required to have an Emergency Card on file with this information filled out. We are well aware that over the course of a school year people move, phone numbers change, etc. We would be so appreciative if you could notify us of any changes to this information.

By keeping us up-to-date we will be able to mail out in a timely fashion each of the important pieces of information mentioned before, as well as be able to contact you directly by phone call or e-mail. By working together to stay in touch, we will then be able to work together to help your student be successful!

Attend our annual Title I planning meeting
Takoda Prep High School is a participant in the Title I program. Being a “Title I” school means that our students typically come from low income areas and as such, our school is entitled to additional money from the government of the United States in order to help us stay academically competitive with other, wealthier school districts and private schools. This financial support allows us to “level the playing field” for our students.

How this money is allocated over the course of the school year is determined at these meetings. These meetings are held the second school week in September each school year. Parent involvement within this plan is a federal requirement – so please feel free to drop by and participate within this meeting. You may contact us for the specific date and start time for this meeting as the time period approaches.


  1. Host 4 Quarterly Open House Feasts for Parents/Guardians, Community Members, and Students to Attend
  1. Host Annual Title I Planning Meeting for Parents/Guardians and Community Members To Attend
  1. Host Annual School Improvement Plan Meeting for Parents/Guardians and Community Members To Attend (S.I.P. Planning Meeting)
  1. Maintain and Use Many Open Lines of Communication for Ongoing Staff – Parent/Guardian Dialogues (via Mail, E-mail, Phone Calls, In-House Visits, Community Flyers, etc.)
  1. Maintain Regular Updates Regarding Student Progress Through Open Door Policy, Open House Feasts, Phone Calls, and by Mailing Out Quarterly Report Cards.


Families may use the following information in order to contact the staff here at the AIOIC Takoda Prep High School

Chris Hubbard 
Education Director/Lead Teacher
612.341.3358 x158

Christy Hicks
Graduate Transition Specialist, English Instructor
612.341.3358 x139


Tom Lonetti
Math/Science Instructor

612.341.3358 x121


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