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Employment Services

The American Indian OIC’s employment services include career exploration, work readiness, job placement, and ongoing support. All of our programs offer a connection to support services that include childcare, transportation, and housing. We can also help access uniforms, work clothes, or equipment needed for a job.

We provide clients with opportunities to study their interests and match them to existing job fields. The Career Decision-making Inventory tool is used at high school and post-secondary levels to identify career interest areas and abilities.

Our work readiness services include instruction on employer expectations, appropriate workplace behavior, and tips for success on the job.

Job placement services include resume development, career planning, skill development, and identification of employment opportunities.

Our programs include the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP), Workforce Investment Act Program (WIP), Minneapolis Employment Training Program (METP), and the Opportunities Center. These programs strive to help clients obtain long-term, meaningful employment that offers opportunities for advancement.