Train for a new career Health Care Information Technology Business


Like most organizations, the American Indian OIC continues to change and expand. As the landscape of employment trends, skill-based or knowledge requirements, education standards, and non-profit funding change, AIOIC will remain flexible to adapt and grow as we have for the past 30 years.

Looking forward, we are committed to improving and broadening our reach by:

  • Expanding post-secondary program opportunities with a specific short-term focus on information technology and health care information technology.
  • Continually observing and modifying education and career training curriculum in order to ensure economic viability and relevance in today’s employment fields.
  • Continuing to enhance our literacy, math, and graduation achievement rates in our high school and adult basic education programs.
  • Strengthening our employment services by continuously fine-tuning our programs and expanding our relationships with area employers.
  • Creating stronger partnerships with other colleges and universities to help our students transition to higher-level academic programs (including formalized articulation agreements).
  • Exploring a possible expansion of the organization through creating a business entity that offers graduates of our Information Technology and Design programs an opportunity for contract-employment serving the non-profit and small business sector of the seven-county metro area.
  • Investigating the potential for a capital campaign to utilize additional space to serve more participants.
  • Continuing to diversify our funding streams to strengthen the foundation of the organization.
  • Expand agency partnerships and collaborate with other entities that share common goals and outcomes.