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High School

AIOIC’s high school, Takoda Prep– a school within the Minneapolis School District – offers the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma. We operate with a focus on helping students make serious academic advancement in reading, writing, and mathematics, while maintaining a connection to American Indian culture. Our school has a unique, small class environment that allows students to receive more individualized classroom instruction. In this environment, Takoda Prep is one of the few local schools to produce a high number of graduates. Students have the ability to receive academic instruction at our school while maintaining a connection to their home school for extracurricular activities such as Prom, sports, and graduation ceremonies.

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At Takoda Prep, students can

  • Work toward earning their high school diploma from the Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Earn additional credits beyond their daily schedules through extra coursework
  • Earn post-high school credits through PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Options) if they are in the 11th or 12th grade. Students can attend either college courses or vocational/job training courses as part of PSEO.
  • Attend class in the morning and work in the afternoon


Eligibility and Enrollment

  • Students must be 14 to 21 years of age (9th – 12th grade)
  • Take an initial assessment test
  • Interview with staff and complete any necessary paperwork
  • Provide transcripts
  • Special Education students need to provide their IEP (Individual Education Plan) records two weeks prior to enrollment. IEP’s can be obtained from the last school of attendance.

Improving Student Competencies

It is not uncommon for students to transfer over with reading and math levels lower than expected. The majority of students transferring in come with lower academic scores, but our school is geared toward helping students advance to a stronger level of reading and math quickly and prepare them for graduation. From 2010 forward, 25% or more of Takoda Prep students improved their reading levels dramatically within one year – sometimes moving from 4th or 5th grade levels up to 11th or 12th grade levels.

While we provide an opportunity for some students to advance and reach their grade levels, Takoda Prep also offers advanced coursework. Advanced English and math, as well as challenging independent studies, are available for students looking for a higher-level experience.

Beyond High School

Takoda Prep offers students the opportunity to connect with options after high school. We partner with Achieve Minneapolis who help students research colleges, education programs, scholarships, and more to find a fit for each student. The school offers help with completing entrance applications and test preparation. The school also participates in several college visits per year and welcomes speakers from a variety of colleges, training schools, professional organizations, military, etc. to expose students to a wide array of choices.

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