The American Indian OIC’s high school, Takoda Prep, is excited to announce some exciting changes for its faculty. First and foremost, a big welcome to new Art and English teacher, Christy Hicks. Ms. Hicks joins Takoda Prep after previously working as an intervention teacher at the Learning Disabilities Association, where she worked with students who struggled with learning disabilities. Ms. Hicks is excited for Takoda Prep’s small class sizes which will give her the ability to develop long-lasting relationships with her students. When asked what her goals are for this semester, she responded that her students are reading Jazz by Tony Morrison and she hopes they will be able to connect with the themes of the book on a deep level and wants them to examine the issues of violence as it relates to society and families, and note the cultural influences found throughout the text. When asked what she was most excited about, Ms. Hicks noted that she is looking forward to creating curricula which she is both passionate about and is tailored to fit students’ needs.

The other big change at Takoda Prep is Chris Hubbard’s promotion to Education Director- Secondary. Mr. Hubbard’s new duties consist of the day-to-day administration of the high school; which means hiring new talent, managing finances, overseeing contracts, ensuring enrollment goals are attained, and meeting with various committees. Mr. Hubbard noted that a future goal for the school is integrating information technology components into the curricula so students can have a connection to higher education in that field, including possibly completing coursework in IT at the Takoda Institute. When asked what people should know about his students, he replied by saying that people often get the wrong idea when they hear the words “alternative school.” Many students attend Takoda Prep because it is a better fit for them, not because they have been kicked out of previous schools or because it is a last resort. Mr. Hubbard appreciates Takoda Prep’s model because it provides students with stability and long-lasting relationships with teachers. This is extremely beneficial, especially for students who do not necessarily have stability in their personal lives. In relation to his students, Mr. Hubbard says, “we have incredibly smart and talented kids here at Takoda Prep. Each person is unique in his or her own way and we are able to spend time getting to know them.”

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