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Success Stories

“ I have found that the certified nursing assistant candidates I have interviewed from the American Indian OIC have a level of professionalism that I don’t often see from other certified nursing assistant candidates.” 

– Bobbi Jones, Human Resources Manager at Volunteers of America, Maplewood Campus (read more about her story here)

“Working in health care was something I always wanted to do, but it was just never the right time until a couple of years ago,” Whitefeather, a fifty-year-old Native American woman, says. Training was challenging, but she looked forward to going to class. The bonds she made with her classmates are still strong today, and she recommends the American Indian OIC to friends outside her classes.

– Carol Whitefeather (read more about her story here)

When asked why she was interested in a health career, Dieunane replied that she felt safe in the job’s stability, yet also felt a passionate desire to help mothers and their babies. After receiving her CNA certificate, she was recommended to the job placement program at the American Indian OIC. Dieunane said the staff members at the AIOIC were instrumental in helping her get both her externship and her job.

– Dieunane Casimir (read more about her story here)

“I am a new student at American Indian OIC and I am going for the Administrative Assistant program. My mom and brother came here for their nursing certificate and GED, so I decided to school at AIOIC.  The classes are really easy and the staff members are very friendly and helpful.”

– Hali Little Cloud

In May of 2012, Janna will be graduating, and she said the Employment Services team at AIOIC was instrumental in getting her where she is now. They helped her with things she feels she couldn’t have accomplished on her own. They gave her practical advice about her resume and cover letter, helped her obtain references, and even found the perfect place for her internship.

– Janna Holter (read more about her story here)

 “Finding work here was a lot harder than I ever imagined it would be. I looked for about a year and a half with no results. So, I started to consider school. I heard that Minnesota was in the top five states for schools of nursing and nursing-related careers. Yet I didn’t want to take thousands of dollars in loans.”

“James started asking around at his workplace for suggestions. One coworker, Eric, said his mom worked for AIOIC and that they had nursing-related programs. I called and talked to Betsy Green and she set up my interview and here I am in my second quarter and loving every minute of it.”

– Jennifer Flynn

“I took Administrative Medical Assistant classes at American Indian OIC. The staff were very supportive and showed care and compassion for the students, so it was easy to want to be there every day. The work was very challenging at times, but the teachers were very helpful and patient to guide us in our studies. It’s a great school.”

– Karen Austin

“I am entirely grateful for your efforts and continued efforts with our native babies (their always babies to us) in their journey to becoming self sufficient young adults and eventually adult leaders for our community. Pilamayaye!”

– Lolita (mother of a graduate)

The AIOIC helped Mary create a resume and then set up a mock interview to allow her to practice with an actual employer. They created a transportation plan and found her 24-hour care for her children. They even worked with her MFIP job counselor to get the hours she searched for jobs at the AIOIC to count toward her total MFIP job search hours. Eventually, they were able to connect her with Richfield Health Center, and she was hired as a nursing assistant.

– Mary Kaguathi (read more about her story here)

“I graduated with my certificate in Administrative Assistant as well as in Human Services. I then was hired to work in the opportunity center for a couple of months. After getting to know students and volunteering my time, I was hired as Project Specialist. I work with student services, recruiting and work the front desk at nights. I am getting my bachelors in Social Work at Augsburg College.”

– Noell Feather Earring

At the AIOIC Shanta was able to fine-tune her resume, and she received help filling out job applications. Because of the relationship between the AIOIC and Maplewood Care Center, she was able to get a volunteer CNA position there. One month later it turned into a paying job, and she’s been there ever since.

– Shanta Brown (read more about her story here)

“My name is Takarsha Stywall.  I am 20 years old. I am from North Carolina, and we got here, I started researching schools that would best fit my needs and I found AIOIC.  I took my placement test and started ABE/GED classes in August and I love AIOIC.  They help you learn the basics to achieve your goals to get your GED.”

– Takarsha Stywall

Threna worked as a personal care attendant and a nursing assistant in Jamaica, but discovered that if she were to continue in her chosen profession in the United States, she would need new training and education. The American Indian OIC provided the training program she was looking for. With dedication and hard work, she was able to achieve her nursing assistant certification. During her time at the AIOIC, Gray recalls studying for an exam with a few classmates. They called their teacher to see if she would come in and help practice for the test. Although this staff member was out on vacation, she came in and assisted Gray and her classmates, who all passed the exam.

– Threna Gray (read more about her story here)