The extraordinarily high unemployment (13.1%) and jobless rates (40%) for Minnesota’s American Indian residents have resulted in significant economic disparities for the community. There are many factors that contribute to these problems including limited education, access to health care, lack of affordable housing, and limited chemical dependency treatment options. In a recent issue of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development’s Minnesota Economic Trends magazine, American Indian OIC president & CEO, Joe Hobot, highlights one important solution to these issues – the investment of time. So often, programs that are developed to address community challenges are restricted by short timelines. These time constraints are not beneficial for individuals served by these programs who have varied needs that often require more than one grant or contract period to address. Mr. Hobot lays out an argument that the investment of time is necessary in order to address the whole person and thereby mitigate the disparities that have plagued the American Indian community for so long.

You can read Mr. Hobot’s excerpt from Minnesota Economic Trends Magazine here.

The entire issue of the magazine is located here on Minnesota DEED’s website.