American Indian OIC expresses our collective heartache and sincere sympathy in the wake of the tragic murder of a Black man that occurred in our city.

Due to the heinous actions taken by profoundly misguided officers from the Minneapolis Police Department, George Floyd was senselessly executed in broad daylight and in full view of several witnesses. AIOIC forcefully condemns such acts of brutality and demands that the now terminated perpetrators be prosecuted vigorously and to the fullest extent of the law. Justice must be served, and justice must win the day, anything less simply will not be tolerated.

For far too long, our own community has been subjugated to brutality perpetrated against us by those wearing a badge, and so whenever another example of police brutality against a citizen occurs it shocks us all to our core – reawakening the buried pain and unexpressed rage harbored by so many of our people. In recent years, specifically under the leadership of MPD Chief Arradondo, great strides have been made in bolstering a more positive relationship between the department and the Minneapolis American Indian community. It is the hope of our organization that the cruel and heartless actions of these depraved individuals will not compromise these efforts, and that we can continue building a shared vision where all of our citizens can live free and in liberty, without fear of losing their lives at the hands of those who have taken oaths to protect and serve us.

AIOIC welcomes its role in building such a future on behalf of our staff, students, and clients.