Why Takoda?

“Takoda” means “all are welcome” in the Lakota Language.   Although, as a division of the American Indian OIC, we strive to help the American Indian community and incorporate Indigenous values into our programs, everyone is welcome in this building regardless of race, creed, age, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.  In 2018, in order to more clearly convey the connection between all of our programs to our participants, the Takoda Institute combined with the Adult Basic Education and Workforce Development programs under the singular banner of “Takoda”.   We believe that this will help everyone who comes into our door understand what we can do for them and that they are welcome.


The goal of Takoda Programs is to not only help people in poverty, who are un or under- employed, or seeking advancement in the workplace, but to provide an educational foundation that secures employment in positions that have opportunities for professional and financial growth. The organization achieves this by educating people from all academic levels and moving them forward to a more stable and thriving future. Most participants in our training programs have the ability to acquire hands on experience in their field by working with local businesses and nonprofits.

Consider Hiring our graduates

If you or your company needs a new employee, consider the graduates and skilled participants in our programs.  Each hold unique educational or professional histories that range from recent graduates to seasoned professionals that can fill entry level to higher qualified positions. Many employers also provide students with valuable hands-on work experience by hosting them for internships. Simultaneously, employers receive additional help in information technology and healthcare or administrative or social media support.  Internships can be schedule for a short project or ongoing.

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