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Beat Diabetes Party sign smFor event information: Amber White Bear, amberw@aioic.org, 612-341-3358, ext. 176


To register for Walk to Stop Diabetes: Don Clark, donc@aioic.org, 612-341-3358, ext. 115


To make a donation or to sponsor THE SOUTHSIDE WALKERS, (or to join the team): main.diabetes.org/goto/southsidewalkers


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 As AIOIC celebrates its 35th year, we've decided it's time to update our offerings, and our look. Our goal is make what we do more relevant and impactful, while honoring our heritage. In the process, we want our look to be fresh and exciting. Keep an eye out here to see how we change!


Train for a New Career


In 2012, AIOIC changed the name of several of its entities. The School of Business and Office Technology became the Takoda Institute.  American Indian OIC High School is now known as Takoda Prep. For more information about the name change, please read here.

AIOIC is committed to providing quality education, career training, and employment placement services in the expanding fields of Health Care, Information Technology, Business, and more. Our agency has partnerships with hundreds of employers that help develop curriculum, offer service learning experiences (internships), and continuously seek graduates and other candidates for employment.

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